Cinnamon and Tea Are Your Secret Weapon

Mother Nature is calling our green thumbs to get out into the gardens and flowerbeds! Simple ingredients like Cinnamon and tea are economical, natural ways to keep pests like ants and mosquitoes away and improve the growth of our flowers and produce. These two simple, relatively cheap common kitchen items are non-toxic to children and pets, making a win-win for you and your family!

1. Keep your garden mosquito free

Just sprinkle a bit of ground Cinnamon around your flowers and plants to help keep pesky mosquitoes and bugs away. These “fun suckers” don’t like the strong smell of Cinnamon. Finally, you can enjoy your garden in peace.

2. Deter ants

Cinnamon will kill ants. Cinnamon is ground to a fine powder that will suffocate the bugs when inhaled. Most of us consider the aroma of Cinnamon to be very pleasant, but it also makes it hard for ants to locate food sources. Cinnamon is non-toxic for pets and children.

3. Graft and Root plants

Make your roses and other plants sturdier and more likely to prosper by dipping the cutting in ground cinnamon prior to replanting it.

4. Protect seedlings from disease

The antifungal properties of Cinnamon make it an excellent tool for protecting seedlings from rot and disease, also known as damping off. Keeping moisture at bay.

5. Destroy Fungus

If you sprinkle Cinnamon on the soil, it will stop surface fungus and wild mushrooms in their tracks.

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