Brilliant Hack For Fresh Sweet Corn #lifehack

Courtesy Pixabay

If you want to prepare a dish with fresh corn but don’t want to remove the kernels from the cobs, we found a brilliant hack to quickly get fresh sweet corn off the cob! This trick will save you hours of work, and you’ll enjoy farm-fresh sweet corn in no time!

In a recent TikTok video, @denisemellott300 demonstrates her son’s brilliant tip for quickly and easily removing corn from the cob. In less than forty-five seconds, you can see all the corn stripped off nine cobs. Check out the coolest hack you’ll see today and step up your corn game by watching the video below!


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This is amazing! It is narrow enough to let the cob through the opening but small enough to remove the kernels when using an angel food cake pan to force the stalk through.

Some people leaving comments have suggested using frozen or canned corn instead of going through the effort of removing the kernels. @sugarsuitepee88 disagrees: “All you people saying frozen and canned is the same thing has never had farm fresh sweet corn, and it shows.” Fresh sweet corn is truly so delicious! It’s a must-try for everyone.

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